What’s Our Goal?

Although we work in multiple consulting and marketing sectors, our focus is on healthcare and particularly on natural and integrative health.

Question #1: Have you been to your doctor lately?  While most docs are doing their best and  spinning their wheels as fast as they can to see you, you’ll be hard-pressed to get 5 minutes from them and a full answer to any problem…..unless maybe you can afford to have a concierge doc.  I’m thinking, maybe  a few of you, but most can’t afford the huge retainer fee to get primo medical care…

Think back to your last problem.  Did you get a pill for your symptoms?  Maybe.  Did you get advice and satisfaction and found out what that pain in your side is or why you’re bleeding or your blood pressure is up? Maybe not….actually, most likely not.

Question #2: Have you gone online to try to figure out what is wrong with you and found a whole lot of wondrous but confusing stuff?  Did it sound too good to be true and you were disappointed when you read that e-book that was supposed to tell you everything you needed to know that “they” where keeping secret from you?   Did you maybe even get hurt by trying some cockamamie solution that cost a lot.  What’s great and what’s crap?  Health-care information, especially in the area of natural or alternative health, online is a mixed bag. Do you want to be sacked or bagged by promoting or consuming crap?

If you’re like most people, both avenues of information getting leave a lot to be desired don’t they?

But hold on…….here’s the answer!

That’s where responsible and ethical online health care information marketing come in.  It’s not meant to replace a doctor-patient relationship, but there is a PILE of information out there that just needs to be organized and presented in a helpful way.  This is the GOLDEN  key, because there’s also a PILE of crap out there that is misleading and not very helpful to anyone, and worse, it can harm people.

Find quality information, package it, present it  and what do you get?  A WIN-WIN for all.  You get satisfaction out of it.  Someone learns something about the condition they heard they might have and get a better understanding about what mainstream and alternative treatments or preventives REALLY work and why. 

From a marketer’s perspective you can ethically charge a value-added fee or price for a valuable product without feeling like a snake-oil salesperson. The online health-care industry is already HUGE.  If you don’t know this, you’ve been living under a rock.   What’s better is that it is primed for even more action as Web 3.0 kicks in and we start seeing who we can actually trust out there……who beneficially influences people.

Now, there are a lot of misguided individuals out there who are ready, willing and able to rip people off and you don’t want to appear like you’re one of them by accident. This is where MedInvest Marketing comes in.  This site is a testimonial to our own growing and successful efforts in getting the word out on a lot of healthcare topics, and a few related niches.  AND, since our over-riding mission is to promote ethical healthcare marketing online…..you’re in luck.  We work with select individuals and partners from an insider viewpoint.

Is this for everyone?  NOPE!  We’ll promote some basic tools on our marketing sites to anyone who visits.  BUT, we only take on select qualified individuals to share insider secret strategies with, and not often.  Why the big deal and screening process?  Because we don’t want to deal with those who don’t share our mission and this is not really our primary business model anyway.

On this ride, here’s the ideal outcome.  You will get the word out on great information and products, add great value to someone’s life, profit wildly from it ethically AND  (this is important)…you’re going to be so wildly successful, you are going to want to “give back” and help even more people.

Interested? Contact us.

Yours in ethical health-care marketing online and offline,