The Oath

We hold ourselves to the following.  This description is added for those select individuals and entities interested in joint ventures and partnerships with us.

If  you want to be a successful health-care internet information provider, helper and marketer in this day and age, the following may interest you.   The online health-care niche continues to be ON FIRE in 2014, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon!! The only question is, do you have what it takes to do the right thing and as a result secure a healthy ROI? You can call it good business, good Karma or whatever turns you on, but the bottom line is  that you’re going to go massively further if you’re promoting the right offerings the right way. Otherwise, you’ll slug along and wonder why everyone is passing you by. So what does it take?

It may sound corny or cheesy to you at first, but it is not far-fetched to consider the ancient Hipocratic Oath that physicians still take before being licensed, or the more modern Declaration of Geneva that has replaced this oath with more contemporary thoughts.  After all, you are or will be providing helpful information or products to people who are in need of solutions.  You will NOT be taking the place of a health-care provider to patient relationship, but in this online world you WILL be making an impact.  Get some skin in the game and make it a good one. If you learn and apply insider secrets ethically and wisely, this will prepare you for success in the online health-care niche.

Even if you’re not a health care provider, keeping your visitor’s, prospect’s or client’s best health and safety in mind is crucial. In the end, you’ll sleep better, feel like you’ve truly helped individuals and will be RICHLY  rewarded in many ways.  Invest in helping people with a big heart and enjoy a huge ROI as a byproduct, not as a primary goal.  As noted, it’s Karma.  What goes around comes around.

Are you ready to enter and learn the secrets to online success in the healthcare niche?  Here’s a modified version of the Geneva Declaration that fits the health-care marketing model……….

At the time of being admitted as a member of the online health-care marketing community:

  • I solemnly pledge to devote  my online life to true service of humanity;
  • I will give to my teachers the respect and gratitude that is their due;
  • I will practice and teach my expertise with conscience and dignity;
  • The health of my visitor, prospect and client will be my first consideration;
  • I will respect the secrets that are confided in me and preserve confidentiality;
  • I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honour and the noble traditions of the health profession;
  • My colleagues will be my sisters and brothers;
  • I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my client;
  • I will not place dollars and cents in a position to override the prime needs of my visitors’, prospects’ and clients’ welfare;
  • I will maintain the utmost respect for human life;
  • I will not use my position and knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;
  • I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

If you consider  verses the above as worthy, you are worthy of huge returns and will be a success online in healthcare marketing. While we still have to issue a strong  earnings disclaimer, you are on the right track to doing the right things right and profiting from truly benefiting others.  If you’re interested in what we have to offer, and wish to explore partnerships and joint ventures, please contact us.  All contact info is in “About Us” on this site.