Since 1996 Medinvest Marketing has been involved in healthcare marketing, consulting, intellectual property and product development, Affiliate and CPA healthcare promotion of both information and physical products.   This is accomplished through sites owned, joint ventured and/or operated by Medinvest Marketing LLC.:

These are just a few examples of our sites, businesses and affiliated JVs. This list is by no means exhaustive as we are constantly entering and exiting niches (mostly in health and customer service sectors) as per our marketing strategies described elsewhere on this site: | Our ethical online healthcare marketing how-to portal is being revamped | Think of this as a resume of sample sites out there | Dr Vasilev’s professional site | Flagship natural and integrative healthcare news information authority site

Cureology.TV | Natural and integrative healthcare TV multimedia | Online Natural Health Bookstore | News hub for cancer developments

Culinary Arts Local Business Support: | Restaurant consulting service | Food and entertainment small venue catering

Audio Branding and Software: | Audio-Boss marketing software and training

Online Marketing Solutions: | Online Hosting and Domain Management> | Online Marketing Tools for Online and Offline Businesses