Affiliate Marketing – Marketing Your Affiliate Product On A Budget

Affiliate Marketing – Marketing Your Affiliate Product On A Budget

Affiliate marketing is the most cost effective way to start making money online. You can literally start you affiliate marketing business without spending a dime. While it is rather simple to find products to promote without any initial cost, it is a little more difficult to find successful marketing strategies that are free. Since most of us starting online are on a budget, I have compile some free marketing tools help you promote any affiliate program.

Squidoo is a free website that allows you to create web pages which they refer to as a lens. The lens are extremely simple to set up with some very interesting choice of modules to choose from. A well constructed lens with good keyword content will generate great traffic due to Squidoo’s high page rank with Google. You will also receive traffic from within the community of lenses if your lens is good enough to make it in the top 100 of any category.

Blogging is also a cost effective way to promote your affiliate product. Setting a blog with Google Blogger, Word Press or Hub Pages are all free to start. Blogs are great for reviewing affiliate products and branding yourself as a marketer. Promoting your products from your personal point of view will make you potential customers connect with you better therefore increasing your chance of a sale. Blogs can create a more relax environment where your readers get to feel how passionate your are about your product, so it really helps if you actually use the products that you are promoting.

Article marketing is similar to blogging but there are some differences. Instead of promoting your product like you would do in a blog, article marketing is more about giving substance and giving readers a window into your product. Writing articles is also more viral because an article with great content may be distributed to hundreds or even thousands of directories. Being featured in many directories will not only bring great traffic to you affiliate program but you will also generate backlinks to your website. Backlinks are essential in increasing your page rank with the search engines.

Forum participation is another form of free advertising for your products. The key to forum advertising is making valuable post in categories that pertain to your niche. After making several post, members in the forum will notice you expertise and most likely will visit your affiliate site. To spruce up you advertising, it is more attractive to use a text message in your forum signature instead of a plain URL.

Ultimately, there are not any substitution for paid advertising resources like PPC, but if you are new into the business and are in need of a fast start, the free advertising methods will yield some good results.

By: Marc Marseille

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Marc Marseille is an internet marker with several websites across the net providing valuable resources to many. If you would more information on affiliate programs, you can visit Top Ten Affiliate Programs.

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