Picking a HealthCare Niche? Pick Women’s Healthcare!

According to ComScore, second only to consulting physicians, women turn most often to the Internet for health information. Of those women who use the internet, 85% have used it to research health issues and 63% have used it to research birth control specifically.

Overall, in the ComScore research report the internet came in second only to health-care professionals for health information.  82% turn to their doc or other healthcare provider, 60% to the internet and 51% to friends and family.

What topics to pick?  Here are some major leaders with searches in multiple millions per month.  Many of these topics and complementary available information products and affiliate offers  have a large number of women searching for answers:  pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, weight loss, fitness and depression.

Helpful hint:  Take these and enter them into Google’s Wonder Wheel tool or KWBrowse.  You will find more than you can handle as far as niches to explore.

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