Online Arbitrage Strategies – What Are The Different Types Available?

Online Arbitrage Strategies – What Are The Different Types Available?

Arbitrage is a very common activity and is simply the act of buying a underpriced asset and selling it at another market for a higher value.

As long as one has a keen eye for value, he would be able to perform a arbitrage on any types of asset anywhere.

Below are 5 common arbitrage strategies found in Internet.

EBAY Arbitration:

Online Arbitration activity is deem to be most common found in EBAY. This is due to the inexperience of many sellers where arbitrage buyers are able to take advantage of the lower price offered.

Here are a few reasons why arbitration is possible in EBAY

– Inexperience sellers not listing their products in appropriate category thus lessor demand.

– Desperate sellers listing their items at a much lower price compared to the average market price

– Careless sellers typing incorrect description and title – its visibility are greatly reduced under the EBAY search engine

Sports Betting Arbitrage

Sports betting arbitrage is about taking advantage of the errors in the odds given by two bookmakers over the same outcome. Arbitrage should only be applied on odds with only 2 outcomes.

The difference in price difference should allowed the bettor to profit on either outcome.

Sports betting arbitrage are becoming a rare act as technology becomes better. The latest software can now breach the human weakness in giving the odds.

Options Arbitrage

Option Arbitrage involves the simultaneous buying and selling of options either between exchanges or the same exchange. This normally involves a domestic and foreign exchange where one exchange has not adjusted its options’ pricing for the constantly changing currency rates.

This is not a suitable strategy for retail traders (like you and me) and is often practiced by the exchange ground traders as price discrepancies are always filled very quickly.

Adsense Arbitrage

This was a rather popular online strategy few years back but Google has been actively cracking down on this practice. It is about bidding for lower priced adwords while directing visitors to click on a higher price adsense.

One can also use other Search Engine paid traffic (ie:Overture) as long the adwords price is lower than the adsense.

Adsense strategy are riskier as one has really have no ideas on how much Google will pay for adsense. Visitors may not click on the adsense ads as well.

PPC Arbitrage with CPA network
This is by far the best strategy due to the bigger price difference between PPC (ie: adwords, overture) and CPA.

The offers in the CPA network are often more lucrative as long the landing page is done properly.

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By: Mike De Long

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