Online Health Information Niche On-Fire!!

According to comScore the online health information niche remains red hot and is getting hotter. The health information category started growing 12 percent per year in overall visits between 2006 and 2008. That trend is only accelerating and exceeds four times the growth rate of the entire U.S. Internet population. Interested? You MOST definitely should be!!

Of course many of the big players like WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Revolution Health are in there, but there are new entrants all of the time. This means this is a growth area and the health info market is definitely not in consolidation with a few dominant sites. Niche players are popping up all over and servicing unmet needs from the big kahunas. Although there is a lot of loyalty amongst visitors of the big health info providers it is interesting to read between the lines as to where this is all going.

Search traffic is still dominating. What does this mean? It means that loyalty aside, there is massive opportunity if you can position your site at the top using paid and organic traffic both. Consumers begin their quest for information by first searching using keywords or phrases for their specific health conditions and problems. Top health-related search keyword/phrase combinations include, “pregnancy” (>17 million searches) and “cancer,” “flu,” and “fitness” (>15 million each).

There are literally a zillion sub-niches that are not addressed well within the big health information sites, partly because the information is often outsourced and not always in depth or accurate as a result. In other words the free info may whet someone’s appetite to learn more about their problem, but they won’t find that information on the mega-sites. This is where the small niche sites come in… folks what they really need. The only challenges are establishing credibility, providing excellent content/solutions and driving traffic. You can learn how to do all of these at our HealthCareMarketingLab, and and other sites and products we highly recommend. Are you up for it? Work with us.

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