Why is HealthCare Internet Affiliate Marketing Different?

OK, this might be a very rude newsflash for some, but it REALLY can’t be all about the money in health-care product marketing.  You’ve got someone out there buying your ebook or solution or physical product  that may have a really big health problem.  If  you don’t help them, or worse if you screw them up, they lose and YOU lose.  If you truly help them out, they’re likely to seek you out so that they can send MORE money to you than you asked for in the first place.   This could be your next product or the raving fans in  your continuity program upsell.  They win, you win.  Get the difference?

If this strikes a cord with you, read on. If not, you’re probably not going to want to learn how to make tons of money truly helping people, and you should move on.  Don’t pass GO.  Don’t collect a lot of inner satisfaction and money.  Just move on.

Whatever the case, there is a LOT more to lose and people can literally get hurt if you just pick a health-care affiliate offer off the Affiliate network or CPA network or ClickBank shelf assuming that it’s all cool and groovy.  These companies do screen for some level of quality in their offerings, but they are not healthcare professionals.  So, how do you know if something is pure gold or pure crap? Rule #1: resist the human temptation to accept something as good just because it exists or is published on or offline.   You should do some due diligence just like you would if you are buying a solution for any problem you are having.

Whether you search for affiliate products and programs by hand or use some of the very cool automatic search tools, you’re mainly looking at things like “gravity” and “ROI” and how much moolah is on the initial table.  By the way, for market research from this perspective, which you still definitely need to do, the hands down BEST MARKET RESEARCH TOOL is Market Samurai…..and it’s only getting better!  But the price will likely go up, so check out the FREE TRIAL of Market Samurai!

Anyway, moving along about the product quality research, here’s a dirty little known secret.  There is some implication to your selling stuff as an affiliate that the FTC declares a tad wrong, or off-base enough that handcuffs come out…… even more so if you’re the author or manufacturer.  Uh, it’s rough out there.  Stay out of trouble!  That brings me to Rule #2: buy the damn thing and test it out, read it, run it by healthcare professionals for some feedback, look for some evidence.  Don’t promote it blindly just because it exists and has a high “gravity”-like measure. Not in the health-care arena!  Very bad idea.

Rule #3 is overarching all of this.  To quote Stephen Covey, “begin with the end in mind” and keep your prospect’s welfare above your desire to make bucks.   The “end”  in this case is the likelihood that you are going to help someone by promoting a product.  If you do this, you will be rewarded RICHLY down the line because all of the massively important marketing principles related to building trust apply.  If you don’t believe me, ask Frank Kern of Mass Control fame or Jeff Walker of Product Lauch Formula fame.   You want to grow and keep a list of loyal customers who believe that you are offering stuff that truly has a chance to help them. If you are just peddling a few low quality ebooks and that’s the sum total of your business model, you’re missing the boat….BIGTIME!

If you like the gist of this and want to learn more about ethical healthcare marketing for massive value-added profit, keep visiting us at MedinVest Marketing and you might want to check out Cureology.com where we look at the evidence behind what works in mainstream and alternative health-care.

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