Top5 Reasons Why Cpa (cost-per-action) Affiliate Network Is Better …

Top5 Reasons Why Cpa (cost-per-action) Affiliate Network Is Better Than Any Other Affiliate Network?

1 . You do not need to make any sales

CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action. As the name implies, you get commission based on the action desired by the advertisers.

Such actions are usually collecting 1-2 personal information from the visitors. (email,address,preferences and etc)
Compared to making sales, such action is easier to get the visitors to perform and thus easier to rake in commissions.

The reasons why the advertisers are willing to pay for such simple information is because their business modeal are usually based on recurring income from their customers.

Every customers are of life-long value to them and thats explains for the usually higher commission.

2. Advertisers provide baits to help you in getting leads

In my opinion, this is the best feature of a CPA affiliate network. The advertisers provide the juicy baits and you just bring in the visitors to pick up those baits.

These baits are usually in the form of discount vouchers and free gifts. All the visitors need to do is to fill in 1-2 of their personal information in exchange for the free gifts.

This free gifts help to lower down the visitors’ defensive wall and make your job much easier.

3. The payouts are better than most sales-based commission

Contrary to logic, CPA action-based commission generate more commission than most sales-based commission.

Due to the ease of your visitors performing a simple action, you are able to convert more leads and thus more commission.

Some single lead commission ($1-$50) you convert can easily overwhelm the commission given by a leading online retail site.

4. The big advertisers love CPA affiliate network

Big advertisers love to use CPA affiliate network in getting leads due to their strict registration rules and fraud prevention policy.

They work closely with their advertisers in maximising their advertising dollars.
CPA strict policy ultimately benefits affiliates as big advertisers give bigger rewards with a bigger budget.

5. Ready made attractive landing pages

You generally do not need any websites to work with as CPA affiliate network provides very attractive and effective landing pages.

You could simply use email or social network to bring in traffic to the landing pages. Their landing pages will do the conversion and you sitting there to collect the commissions.

By: Mike De Long

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